Radio Reviews

LEE WILLIAMS - Channel Manager Music Choice Radio, London, England

"One of the finest independent releases we have received from the USA this year. A great mix of styles."

RAY PIETERS - Belgium Radio

"A very special CD, strong lyrics. HOLLYWOOD SURVIVOR shines up between other releases that cross my path. For my show, I'm selecting all your tracks"

EDDIE RUSSELL - Country Eastern/Outlaw For Peace Radio, Texas

"Jeff Pasternak's HOLLYWOOD SURVIVOR CD is real rock with a purpose. A polished stone with attitude. Rouse up your ears with the lived it sage."

STEFAN JUNG - Radio Rheinwelle, Germany. Host of "High Noon" show.

"Very good CD. Listening to your music is a relief for everybody's ears. A winner for my show!"


"Your CD hit the spot. I like it a lot, and look forward to playing it on my show."

D.J.Emperor Rosko - International Radio Show host

"Jeff Pasternak's HOLLYWOOD SURVIVOR CD completes the cycle of spirit. Full of heart and soul."

In the early days of underground radio in the 1960's, Mike Pasternak, a.k.a. DJ Emperor Rosko, was a pioneer in private radio in Europe, broadcasting from a boat off the shores of England.

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